I Am Ready, I Am Ready….I Am Fine


Being an actor involves a lot of patience.  Whether you’re waiting your turn to audition, or waiting for a callback, or in my case waiting for production to start.  Recently I was cast as one of the leads for a new TV Pilot.  Originally production was supposed to start in January, but due to unforeseen events, filming will start mid February.  Happy birthday to me!

When I was first cast for this role I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this part.  I get to play the antagonist, which from my experience is probably the most fun an actor can have.  While doing prep work for my character, I was literally counting down the days until filming.  When receiving the news that production has been pushed back, it was disheartening at first.  Even though it’s only a couple of weeks it feels like a lifetime away.  I do understand that things happen and this might be for the best, however, as you can see I am not the most patient person (something I am working on).  I am still very excited to start filming as I have great faith in this project and the director.

Instead of viewing this wait as a negative, it is important to view the positive aspects of this experience.  There are quite a few complexities to my character, and this will help me be even more ready come February.  I can also take this time to hang out with friends and loved ones because once filming starts my schedule will be chaotic.  Waiting isn’t fun, and can even be brutal to some, but if you use the time wisely it can be advantageous.  So in the meantime, the clock has been re-set and now the countdown begins….


About mchouen

Welcome to the official website of Marc Chouen; To make the thinkers think, to inspire the inspired, and to make people feel by delivering captivating performances showcasing what human emotion really is and by being a larger than life personality.
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