Tribeca is My Mecca


The Tribeca Film Festival!  One of the biggest film festivals in the world is right here in my back yard.  Last year, I had the great pleasure of going to this festival as a fan and had a wonderful experience.  This year, I actually get to be a part of this amazing event by being a crew member.  I’m only a few days in but I can say with confidence that this is something I will never forget.

For so many years I have always wanted to be a part of Tribeca.  Robert De Niro has always been an idol of mine, and as a New York actor it would be an honor to have one of my films play in his festival.  The thought never occurred to me until this year that there are other ways to be involved.  Being a part of the crew not only allows me to partially live out my dream, but it has also opened up doors to building new relationships.  I have already met so many wonderful people that are directors, writers, and actors alike.  These people have the same passion as I do, and it is my hope that this experience will bind us together so that we may work on other future projects.

Things never really happen as you imagine they would in your head.  I thought that my first real Tribeca experience would be me attending my own movie premiere.  Instead I am working the event with such amazing talented people, and I couldn’t be happier.  Networking is such a powerful tool, especially in entertainment.  Working an event like this and meeting the right people can only help make my dream a reality.  Hopefully the next Tribeca Film Festival I attend it will be for a film that I am in.

About mchouen

Welcome to the official website of Marc Chouen; To make the thinkers think, to inspire the inspired, and to make people feel by delivering captivating performances showcasing what human emotion really is and by being a larger than life personality.
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4 Responses to Tribeca is My Mecca

  1. marlhtv says:

    Looking at you making things happen! Keep up the great work Chouen! I will continue to read this amazing adventures!

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  2. dilip says:

    My heartiest congratulations Marc and best of luck for the future!

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