New York, New York


Finally….The Chouen has come to New York City!!!  I’ve been talking about this move since I was in high school, and this month I finally did it.  I got an apartment with a couple of my friends from high school, and am now officially living the city life.  I’ve only been living here for two weeks, and already the differences can be felt between here and Long Island.  Opportunities for acting have been more frequent than ever before.  For example, on the very first day of moving I already got an audition for a web series.  Is it coincidence, or does my zip code really make a difference?

Living in New York is all very exciting to me, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Right now I am in the midst of my acting journey, and where better to be than in the city?  While acting part time back home there wasn’t hardly as much activity as there is now.  Just last week I received a rush call at 1:30 to be on set for TMNT 2 in Brooklyn by 4:30.  If I was still on Long Island, it would have been nearly impossible to make it on time and be camera ready.  It really is amazing to see how just a change of location can make such a huge difference on one’s career.

Right now it feels like I have the whole world in my hands.  As tempting as the pleasures are here in the city, it would be foolish of me to lose focus.  There are so many opportunities here to take advantage of, and in order to be successful I have to be ready for each and every one of them.  Like Frank Sinatra said, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”, and I’m going to do just that.

About mchouen

Welcome to the official website of Marc Chouen; To make the thinkers think, to inspire the inspired, and to make people feel by delivering captivating performances showcasing what human emotion really is and by being a larger than life personality.
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4 Responses to New York, New York

  1. Sabrina says:

    Very impressive! Well, enjoy your time there and have fun 🙂


  2. OyiaBrown says:

    Good luck – you are ‘part of it’ now.

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