Teamwork can be such a wonderful thing, especially when you all have the same vision and drive. It’s a group of individuals, if done right, who can grow to be as close as family. You have each other’s back no matter what, and you’re there to lift each other up when things are down. Most important of all, it’s when there isn’t one person or thing greater than the group.

I feel honored to work with Team Rise Together, a group of people with various backgrounds in entertainment and business. It truly is a selfless group that continuously helps each other. More important, I am proud to call these people friends who I can trust. I know that if I ever need anything in a pinch, I can go to them first. The same thing goes the other way around. There have been numerous times when someone in Team Rise Together reaches out to me, and I’m there in a flash. I am the type of person who loves to help people, and there is no greater gratification than helping a friend in need. I’ve been on a few different teams in the past, but this is the one that I am most proud of.

The beauty of Team Rise Together is that we are still growing. We are far from those exclusive cliques who turn their nose to anyone not involved. If you are a selfless, hard worker who believes in making dreams come true, then we want to work with you. It’s all about strength in numbers. As the saying goes, “Part of the ship, part of the crew.”


About mchouen

Welcome to the official website of Marc Chouen; To make the thinkers think, to inspire the inspired, and to make people feel by delivering captivating performances showcasing what human emotion really is and by being a larger than life personality.
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