Teamwork can be such a wonderful thing, especially when you all have the same vision and drive. It’s a group of individuals, if done right, who can grow to be as close as family. You have each other’s back no matter what, and you’re there to lift each other up when things are down. Most important of all, it’s when there isn’t one person or thing greater than the group.

I feel honored to work with Team Rise Together, a group of people with various backgrounds in entertainment and business. It truly is a selfless group that continuously helps each other. More important, I am proud to call these people friends who I can trust. I know that if I ever need anything in a pinch, I can go to them first. The same thing goes the other way around. There have been numerous times when someone in Team Rise Together reaches out to me, and I’m there in a flash. I am the type of person who loves to help people, and there is no greater gratification than helping a friend in need. I’ve been on a few different teams in the past, but this is the one that I am most proud of.

The beauty of Team Rise Together is that we are still growing. We are far from those exclusive cliques who turn their nose to anyone not involved. If you are a selfless, hard worker who believes in making dreams come true, then we want to work with you. It’s all about strength in numbers. As the saying goes, “Part of the ship, part of the crew.”

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My Coolest Moment

Marc Chouen talks about the coolest moment in his acting career. It was a moment that he will never forget.


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Working From Home: The Right Way To Do It

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Working from home can certainly have its perks. You get to create your own schedule. There is nobody micromanaging you. You get to enjoy the company of your pet, if you are so fortunate. These same perks can also be drawbacks, if you let it. I honestly believe that working from home isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain amount of discipline to do so. Just think about how many possible distractions you can have in a day.  If you give into it, then nothing will get done. That’s why it is so important to keep to a schedule.

Before I started this lifestyle, I made sure to create a schedule for myself and keep to it. When I am working from home, I am ridiculously strict when it comes to my schedule. It’s to the point where I actually keep an alarm for any given task that I do, and when the time is up I move onto the next task. This helps me get so much done in any given day. Beforehand, I would just work on something until I finished. Depending on what it was that I was working on, it could take up to a few hours or even an entire day and nothing else would get accomplished. It never led to the results I wanted and would just cause stress. Now I feel like I am more productive. My time is better managed, and it allows for some flexibility to do some errands throughout the day without feeling guilty.

Another key component is having passion for what you do. I love my career and will do anything for it. Social media, budgeting, and networking are some tasks that I wouldn’t otherwise like, but knowing what it means for my success forces me to enjoy it. Without passion for your career and keeping to a schedule, working from home can quickly turn into you just hanging out on the couch watching TV. Don’t let that be you. Be the boss you always wish you had.

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Family Matters

Marc Chouen talks about what he looks forward to the most…spending time with his friends and family back home.

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Team Rise Together

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There is nothing greater than working with a team that you trust. I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with a group of individuals that share the same passion as I do. They come from all different walks of life, but we all have the same mission. We are all determined to do what it takes to get there…together. That’s the key component: working together. There are too many people in the entertainment business that will only focus on themselves, and will try to take this industry on as an island. With that mentality, you can try all you want but I promise you it’ll only set yourself up for disappointment and aggravation.

Working with a team is like having a support group. When one is down, we are there to pick that person up. We motivate each other, inspire each other, and push each other to be the very best possible. We look after each other’s backs. If we find a part or position that is right for our teammate, we share it. The philosophy is: if one succeeds, we all succeed. That is the motto of Team Rise Together. This is a group that I am proud to call a family.

Every quarter we get together for a Team Rise Together network event in New York City. It is something I personally look forward to as I get to catch up with people in the industry I genuinely enjoy being with. It also provides a chance to meet new people as our family is continuously growing. One of my favorite parts about this event is that it allows others to connect with each other and provide opportunities for their career. It is such a rewarding feeling to help others, and that is exactly why we do this. Team Rise Together: The Team that works together, grows together, will rise together!

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Let’s Rock Out to Beat Cancer

Marc Chouen shares what Altayon In The Raw is all about and what it means to him.

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J-E-T-S: Build, Build, Build

Marc Chouen shares his outlook for the New York Jets in seasons to come and how they can get back on the map.

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Bullying: Let’s End It

Marc Chouen shares how he was bullied growing up and how we can overcome it.

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